ICE Youth Library

ICE Youth came into life with the idea of sharing information. The idea was conceived by an ambitious young man called Kundan Chhabra. Kundan recruited the other young men who had the same vision. The Group first had a vision of founding a mobile library to support the communities nationwide with books and learning materials; the idea was refrained due to certain affordable financial, resources and volunteer limitations. After a year, many changes took place; a few joiners left for pursuing their further education and new people came in. The group was re-organized with newcomers and gained new ideas. The reformed group could found Information Center for Every Youth namely ICE Youth.

The early days of ICE Youth were in the processes of collecting books and donating some to proper beneficiaries. Also, several replies to inquiries about the group and available information were made through postal mail. These processes were first carried out at the ideological founder house. Later, the processes were hosted by one of the organizing members. On June 9, 2002, after taking out the necessary arrangement, a library was opened at the house of one of the organizer in 49th Street, Yangon. The Library had only 500 books (including some fictions and standardized tests books) at its birth. With the book donation from other sources, the funding among organizers and several meeting, the library was survived. Myanmar Youth Association in New Jersey was the main th source of books donating to the library. The library of ICE Youth was at 49th Street for one and a half year. During those days, some organizers were elected to attend several library trainings in order to bring advantages to the management of ICE Youth library. In September 2003, the library of ICE Youth was relocated to an attic at Pansodan Street; the attic was contributed by two generous gentlemen for two years. The latest mobilization was made into an apartment in Hledan Street of Lanmadaw Township. Then, the library has started relying on its own incomes which is received from its patrons as processing fees for the room rent and other functional expenditures.

We, ICE Youth once had ordinary vision of sharing information relating to International Education and standardized tests under the concept of promoting the learning at curriculum institutions. As we endeavored more and more, we came to realize that these are not the only way to uplift the capacity and human resources of the youth. Thus, we invited more coordinators, volunteers and redefined the objective of ICE Youth. And, ICE Youth is determined to participate in academic and intellectual development of young people through knowledge empowerment of Myanmar people.