‎John Badgley‎ to Myanmar Library Aid Foundation

‎John Badgley‎ to Myanmar Library Aid Foundation

This concludes our program and we strongly recommend your continued support for our partner, Myanmar Book Aid and Preservation Foundation. MBAPF’s directors, Drs. Thant Thaw Kaung and May Moe New, carry on as they had done the past seven years in supporting village, town and outlying city libraries with donated books, computer and internet training, and general library support. Beyond Access carries on our function as external donor with substantial staff and computer support.

MLAF has given great personal satisfaction to us directors and donors. We accomplished much more than we thought possible at our organizing meeting in September, 2008. I was responding to ThantThaw Kaung’s email requesting library aid shortly after Cyclone Nargis destroyed many village and town libraries in the Delta. Half-Price Books and the University of Washington Library donated 20,000 books that fall, enough to fill a 20 foot container, our first shipment in January, 2009. That same month, Thrift Books pledged a million books which filled our plate for six years. They fulfilled that pledge with our shipment last month.

While we cannot take much credit for the electoral process that led up the recent election, we do feel the 900 libraries we’ve assisted played s significant role in helping citizens secure newspapers and magazines that informed them about candidates and issues. Perhaps that has been our deepest satisfaction.

Many individuals in Myanmar and around the world made this project successful with cash and in-kind donations. I’ve been blessed to be associated with it & will attend this Facebook Page for several months.


John Badgley