Board of Directors

John H. Badgley, Ph.d, Executive Director /CEO; BA, University of Montana, US Infantry Lt. Korean War, MA Johns Hopkins SAIS, Fulbright–Burma, 1957; doctorate in political science, University of California, Berkeley; taught at Miami University, Ohio and SAIS, author of two books on Burma, another on Asian Development; co-founder with wife, Patricia, of Institute of the Rockies in 1973, CEO until 1985; joined Cornell University’s Southeast Asia Program in 1986 as curator of the John M. Echols Southeast Asia Collection; awarded a second Fulbright in 1987 to join U Thaw Kaung, dean of Universities Central Library–surveyed Burma’s university and college libraries and raised funds for book preservation and librarian training programs; director serving on Myanmar Book Aid & Preservation Foundation. Lives in Edmonds, WA.
David Leuthold, Ph.d, Board Chair; Ph.D. UC Berkeley; Professor, U of Missouri, rtd– specialized in public administration, public opinion polling, and political campaigns; original associate, Institute of the Rockies. David and his wife, Carolyn managed the family wheat and cattle ranch near Billings, Montana until sold in 2013. The Leutholds helped conceive of NLR and became major donors, in addition to leading others to visit libraries we’re assisting. Carolyn passed away in 2012.
Dr. Thant Thaw Kaung, MD Institute of Medicine I, Yangon, Myanmar; briefly practiced medicine with his wife & classmate, Dr. May Moe Nwe; opened Myanmar Book Centre in 1994 to feature English titles and commitment to preserve traditional palm leaf manuscripts. Since 2001 he managed Myanmar Book Aid and Preservation Foundation to carry on projects designed by his father, U Thaw Kaung, retired Dean of Myanmar’s Library Diploma program.

Thant and May live in Yangon, Myamar

Allen Bjergo, Ph.d, Cornell agricultural economist, career in cooperative extension service, volunteer rural development officer, Vietnam; international consultant–rural economic transition into the global market; Director, National Center of Appropriate Technology, also Director Montana Land Reliance, a conservation NGO; 30 year Director, Institute of the Rockies. Lives near Corvallis, Montan

Roger Paget, Institutional Professor of Political Economy and Asian Studies

In his forthcoming book, The End of Indonesia, Roger Paget argues that the violence-wracked country will not endure as we know it, mainly because the short-term legacies of anticolonialism, nationalism, and the Cold War are weaker than the longer-term ties and interests of individual cultures, languages, and other enduring factors.

Ret. Faculty Professor of Political Economy, Lewis and Clark University, Portland.

Daw Ah Win, MLSci, U Hawaii; rtd.UN IAEC Librarian, Vienna, Austria [1983-2013]; graduate diploma in Library Science, Yangon University, currently Vice President, Myanmar Librarians Association & Director, Myanmar Book Aid and Preservation Foundation

Sesh Velamoor, ME, MBA, Portland State, rtd. Executive Director, Foundation for the Future, Bellevue, WA [1992-2012]

Aleksandar Babic, Former diplomat stationed in Myanmar seven years; currently, global product manager for scanning hard and software, Honeywell Corporation, Everett, Washington. Married to Lya [Cho Lay] Badgley, bn. Yangon 1957


Matthew Daley, Rtd ambassador, former Deputy Asst Secretary of State, Asia & Far East; former Chair, US-ASEAN Business Council, international consultant.

U Thaw Kaung, MLsci, London; Founder Myanmar Library Diploma Program; Member Historical Commission/Constitutional Convention. With John Badgley on Ngapali Beach, 2010

Chris Harrison Formerly Director, British Council, Myanmar, rtd/married living in Pyin Oo Daung [Maymyo], Principle of private university.